Mixes Compilation 1 (2009)
Core, Electro, Heavy, Rock, Slow Mixes

For the most part it's music that I listened to between 2006 - 2009.
Core Mixes: About 90% of it is scenester pop rock, I call it popcore.
Mix 4 even has a screamo song, which I put in there for a reason.
Electro Mixes: Electronic music, a lot of pop, synthpop, chiptune and some scene music.
Heavy Mixes: A lot of scenester mallcore, very pop oriented for the most part but there's also some other stuff.
Rock Mixes: Might be a misleading title because it's full of pop & pop rock but I didn't know what else to call these mixes. Track 01 on mix 2 doesn't exactly fit in but that's because I wasn't planning to make any mixes with that kind of music yet so I thought that's the best place for it.
Slow Mixes: Simply slower-paced and relaxing music, mix 5 is the best representation.

Download the mixes one by one here

Mixes Compilation 2 (2009)

Besides mix 10 this is more or less a continuation of the first compilation so there's nothing to add.

Download the mixes one by one here

Mixes Compilation 3 (2010)

Also not too different from the first compilation except for mixes 4 & 5 and the fact there's more than 10 songs in each mix. The fifth one is the mix where 01 from Rock Mix 2 would have fit in but it took some time to get there.

Download the mixes one by one here

Mixes Compilation 4 (2010)
Secret Mixes

Secret is secret.

Download the mixes one by one here

Mixes Compilation 5 (2010 - 2011)
[] Mixes

This compilation is definitely a change if you compare it to the first three, more rock than pop oriented, like 60/40.

Download the mixes one by one here

Mixes Compilation 6 (2011 - 2012)
Mega Mixes

I made this compilation because I had so many songs piled up over the years. In the Pop Mixes I put in a lot songs that I used to listen to in 2007 & 2008, and I wanted to sort of "get rid of" them. The Emo/Screamo Mixes are self-explanatory, mostly from my summer of 2010. Everything else is for you to discover.

Download the mixes one by one here

Mixes Compilation 7 (2012 - 2013)
Dreamer Mixes

This is the compilation that was supposed to be the last one but ended up problematic. The music in the mixes is not as accessible as it was in the previous ones, which is good if you wish to explore new things. It's all of course also not necessary dreamy music so this was another problem with this compilation. Having one name for all kinds of mixes cannot work in the end.

Download the mixes one by one here

Mixes Compilation 8 (2013 - 2014)
Mixes (with Jerome & Tom)

This compilation ended abruptly because I got tired of making mixes and put all the leftovers in the Mix 9, which wasn't really a mix as such. Now I post the music packs and will do so for however long this blog lasts. The links will always be below as you can see ;)

Download the mixes one by one here

Music Packs (2014 - Forever)
Music Packs

The music packs are all the addicting songs from right now that I listen to. It is not sorted out or anything like the mixes but seeing as I still want to share addicting music I will keep posting them as long as this blog is here and I'm listening to music ;).

Download the mixes one by one here


Here are some websites you can use to download music.

Useful ones.

If you aren't able to find the things you're looking for there of bands that I have used in my mixes than you can of course message me and I will get it for you but only do that if you truly spent some time searching.

Monday, July 15, 2019

Sv3rige Music Pack Thirty Seven

22 Addicting Tracks


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