New Sv3rige Videos - Only on Telegram (March 2024)

New Sv3rige Videos - Only on Telegram (January 2024)

New Sv3rige Videos - Only on Telegram (January 2024)

Sound of Freedom Is Bullshit Propaganda

France Knife Attack: European Men Prove to Be the Biggest Faggots

Russia - Ukraine War Truth

Where are the Anti-Jew Protests for Women's Rights?

Sv3rige (2012 - 2022) | Banned from YouTube

Sv3rige (2012 - 2022) | Banned from YouTube

What Is a Woman? Documentary Thoughts

SJWs Believe That Sex Is Dirty & Wrong

A Woman's Purpose

A Woman Can't Get Better at Sex

Don't Become an Adult

I'm Normal, You Are Extreme

Minimalism: My Life in a Backpack

Semen Retention Is Self-Enslavement

You're Not Good Enough, Accept It (Manifestation, Affirmations, Subliminals)

Redpillers: The Most Insecure Men on Earth

Duality: A Simpleton's View of Life

Sex = Marriage

Shrooms = Brain Damage | Prayer | High Meat Update

It Doesn't Matter What Anybody Thinks About You

Danger Is for Pussies

Cars are for Sissy Little Girls

Twin Flames / Soulmates Don't Exist

Polyamory: A Modern Mental Illness

You Have No Friends

Astrology: The Stupidest Fucking Religion Ever

Never Forgive Anybody

Time Doesn't Exist

Richard Dawkins Is a Religious Idiot | Morals Explained

Jesus Is Not Coming to Save You

Veganism Destroyed Europe | Why 90% of Vegans are "White"

FB, IG, Tinder: Where the Mentally Ill Meet

10 Years Without a Job

Treat Others the Way You Don't Want to Be Treated

Hormesis: What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Weak & Sick

Serial Killers Are The Real Heroes | Organ Harvesting

School: A Prison for Deformed Slaves | The Stupid Care too Much About Intelligence

Masturbation & NoFap: Why Are Humans Obsessed With Sex?

Racism & Slavery Is Human Nature

Is Incest Natural?

Being High Every Day is Natural | How to Make High Meat

The 10 Commandments from Nature's Perspective

Sound Manifests the Living Dream | Frequencies of Thought Transmitted Through Flesh

The Astral Fortress is All Around Us

Runescape: Why I Will Never Play Video Games Again

I'm so Glad to be Alive

How to FIGHT NATURALLY: Follow Your Instinct, Not Man-Made Rules

Illuminati Karma Brainwash: Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People

Do Whatever You Want | Morals Were Created by Religions

You Are Everything (Don't Be Fooled by Religions)

7 Years of Freedom (No Work)

The Epiphany of Epiphanies

My Conclusion: Life is a Game / Dream

Good & Bad


Existence | What Actually Exists

Nationalism & The 13 Families

The Cold Is Coming And I Appreciate It

Happiness & Loneliness

Believing & Knowing

Proven Fact: What Is Actually a Fact?


Contrast of Creation

Evolution Truth

6 Years of Eating Raw Meat (Full Day of Eating)

Never Leave Your Comfort Zone

What I Eat in a Day Living in France

5+ Years of Eating Raw Meat

Eating a 2 Year Old Egg

What I Eat In a Day | 4+ Years of Raw Meat

Demonic Raw Meat Eater Is Saved by Our Almighty Lord Jesus

Eating 8 Month Old Veal Brain (High Meat)

Eating a 1 Year Old Egg

A Balanced Diet Causes Imbalance

Seeds: Why Most People Are Mentally Ill

The Carnivore Diet Is Trendy, Not Healthy | A. Vonderplanitz Was the Real Deal

Raw Meat Eater Reviews Freaky Eaters Raw Meat Addict

Cooked Meat Causes Brain Shrinkage | Raw Meat Is More Nutritious & Easier to Digest

Fresh Cow's Blood in Sonoma County, California

Fresh Rabbit Blood in Mataró, Spain

Saunas Are Toxic Gas Chambers

What I Eat In A Day | Raw Meat | Kiev, Ukraine

You're Mentally Ill If You Don't Eat Raw Meat

How to Heal Your Eyesight Naturally

Full Day of Eating Drinking Blood & Eating Raw Meat

What I Eat In a Day In the Netherlands | Raw Meat

Blood Test Results: Over 2 Years of Eating Raw Meat

Plants Don't Have Antioxidants (Those are Toxins)

What I Eat In a Day | Raw Meat

Vitamin A Toxicity Debunked | Don't be Afraid of Nutrients

Visitimg Derek Nance | Kentucky & North Carolina

The Natural Human Diet: Blood Type, Fibre, Digestive System, Eskimos

Nobody Is Obese - Fat Loss Is Not Healthy

Cooking Food Is Satanic | Dead Flesh | Why Humans Cook

Cold Showers & Exercise: Don't Do Anything That You're Not Able to Do For a Long Time

Coffee, Tea, Alcohol: Health or Toxic?

Full Day of Eating on Holiday | Primal | Paleo (Raw Meat)

Hospitals Are Satanic Torture Prisons | The AIDS Hoax, Comas, Anorexia

The Bacteria & Parasite Deception | Aajonus Vonderplanitz

Sick & Disabled Vampires: You Were Not Selected by Nature

Raw Meat: Where and How to Buy It

Salt: Healthy or Toxic?

Raw Keto: How to Start Eating Raw Meat

Eating Rotten Veal Liver & Heart | Aajonus Vonderplanitz on High Meat

Should I Drink Pasteurized Milk if I Can't Get Raw Milk?

Water: Hleathy or Deadly? Should We Fast (Starve?) | Urine

Vaccines: Was Aajonus Vonderplanitz Killed? 150 Year Olds Eating Raw Fish

Raw Meat & Milk: Amazing Health Benefits - Allergies, Eczema + Autism Explained

Eating 70 Day Old Eggs

Blood Test Results | Over 2 Years Keto - Over 1 Year Raw Meat

Raw vs. Cooked / Frozen Food

Don't Use Supplements | Eat Naturally

Bread Used to Mean Meat

Cancer Keeps You Alive & Tumors are a Cholesterol Deficiency

We Want to Live (Hospitals Want the Opposite)

Cholesterol Is Trying to Save Your Life | Anti-Mucus Is Anti-Health

Take Care of Your Children: Circumcision, Vaccines, Teeth & Carbs

Eating Raw Goat Meat for the First Time

Zero Carb: Impossible to Gain Fat

What I Eat In a Day | Raw Meat

Stop Torturing Your Body

Thank You for Eating Trash

Taste Is a Trap

There Is No Hope

Celebrity Obsession & Hollywood Brainwash

Squid Game Is Based on Real Events

Why Were There No Lockdowns in Sweden & the Netherlands?

There's Only One Real Agenda

Why Is the Elite Unhealthy If They Drink Human Blood?

99% of People Are Retarded

Agenda 21: Destroy Families & Move People Into Cities

Celebrities are Not Shapeshifting Reptilian Trannies

Hitler Was Not a Great Guy

The Jews Don't Control Everything

Sandy Hook Was Not a Hoax & Alex Jones Is a Killer

YOU ARE A SLAVE - The Illuminati Are Your Parents

Health = Heaven | Why the Illuminati Will Ascend and Most of Us Won't

Violence Is the Only Answer | The Slaves Will be Vegetarians

Through Blood & Jesus to Heaven | Magic Explained | Devolution Through Imagination

The Earth's Population is Under 1 Billion | The World's Population is Over 7 Billion

Were We Created as Food for the Annunaki?

Aliens & Richard D. Hall | David Icke | Alex Jones

The Illuminati Rape & Eat Babies

Not Free | What Is a Person?

40 Minutes Of Illuminati Symbols In Movies, Games, Music & More

Solar Radiation Managment Time Lapse | Berlin, Germany 2014

Geoengineering Time Lapse | Berlin, Germany 2014

Unplug Yourself

Thank You Satan

There's Something Out There

German Exchange Student Expelled From Thomas Nelson College For 9-11 Truth

Believe Your Own Eyes

The Destruction - 9/11 Twin Towers Nuclear Demolition


The War on Terrorism Explained | Bill Cooper

Americans Are the Real Terrorists

The NWO DIEt: the First Anti-Vegan Documentary (2017)

Vegans: The Epitome of Malnourishment 8

Vegans: The Epitome of Malnourishment 7

Vegans: The Epitome of Malnourishment 6

Vegans: The Epitome of Malnourishment 5

Vegans: The Epitome of Malnourishment 4

Vegans: The Epitome of Malnourishment 3

Vegans: The Epitome of Malnourishment 2

Vegans: The Epitome of Malnourishment

Eating Raw Organs @ NYC Vegan Restaurants

Arguing With Vegans @ Vegan Summer Festival 2019 | Berlin, Germany

Anti-Vegan Protest | Animal Rights March & Vegam Summer Festival 2019

Eating Raw Veal Thymus @ Cube of Truth - Anonymous for the Voiceless | Berlin, Germany

Anti-Vegan Protest @ Cube of Truth - Anonymous for the Voiceless | Berlin, Germany

Educating Vegans @ Cube of Truth - Anonymous for the Voiceless | Berlin, Germany

ASSAULT: Vegan Commits Animal Cruelty in Manchester, UK

JAILED for Eating Meat @ Soho Vegan Market | London, UK

Vegan Admits to Being Satanic | The Natural Human Diet is Bad, Pills Are Good

Vegans Assault Meat Eaters @ Essential Vegan Cafe | London, UK

Eating Raw Pig's Head @ Vegfest 2019 | Brighton, UK | POLICE CALLED & BANNED

Eating Raw Chicken @ Vegan Sunday Market | Los Angeles, California | POLICE CALLED

Eating Raw Beef Liver @ Cafe Gratitude | San Diego 2019

Eating Raw Veal Heart @ Vegan Food Festival 2018 | POLICE CALLED & BANNED | Amsterdam, Netherlands

Eating Raw Goat Head @ Vegan Summer Festival | POLICE CALLED & BANNED | Berlin, Germany

90s Vegans: Cleansing and Detoxing to Death

Vegans Since Birth Have Never Existed & Never Will

Vegans Strangle Themselves for Birds | Suicidal Masochism

Severe Vegan Brain Damage - Masochism & Misanthropy

Vegan | A Day in the Life 💗🌈🥕

Vegetarians Are Religious Anti-Human Scum | The History of Veganism

Veganism Is the Gateway to Hell

Vegans Have a One-Way Ticket to Cannibalism & Diabetes | Embryos & Babies are in Ketosis

Why I'm No Longer Vegan | My Ex-Vegan Story

Vegans: "Carnivores Make Their Own Vitamin C" | The Scurvy Lie

Vegans: "Humans Are Tropical Beings" | Malnutrition Delusions

Vegans: "Only Herbivores Get Atherosclerosis" | Brain Atrophy Confirmed

Exposing Fake Vegans: Timothy Pisslord, Sweet Unnatural Living, Freelee the Spermaterian

The Vegan Bodybuilding Hoax | Jon Venus, Vegan Gains, Patrik Baboumian, Hench Herbivore

Vegans: Plants Don't Want to Be Eaten | Antinutrients & Toxins

5 Ways Veganism Is Destroying the Environment

Vegans Are Carnivores in Denial


Vegan Food vs. Natural Food | Micronutrient Comparison

Vegan McDonald's Is Coming

The Human Apex Predator vs. Mentally Disabled Vegans

Can Vegans Be Spiritual? The Breatharian Hoax

The Acid - Alkaline Deception | Another Vegan Trap

Why are Vegans Obsessed With Food, Blood and Death?

Veganism: Lies & Disinformation | Saturated Fat is Key for Optimal Health

Vegans Hate Animals & Nature

Vegans: The Most Degenerated and Retarded Religious Sheeple Ever

Vegan Babies are Dropping like Flies

Why Eric Dubay Is Paranoid | Plant-Based Diets and Mental Illness

Veganism Destroyed in 1 Minute | Vitamin D

Veganism Destroyed in 1 Minute | Cholesterol

Veganism Destroyed in 1 Minute | The Gallbladder

Veganism Destroyed in 1 Minute | Vitamin A

Herbivores Eating Meat Compilation | All Animals Are Omnivores | The Vegan Nightmare

Veganism is a Religion | Udo Pollmer

Thechicnatural: Full Day of Starving Myself 👍

Ellen Fisher & Sarah Lemkus: Vegan Mothers Promoting Child Abuse

Broke, Shy & Depressed But Women Still Run After Him

James ASPEY: Sadistic Vegan Promotes Depopulation, Big Pharma & Child Abuse

Monami Frost: Family Starved by Vegan Diet

Unhealthy Crazy Trendy Vegan Malnourishes 8 Year Old Child

Ex-Vegan (1.53579 Years): If You Care About the Animals, Go Raw Primal

Ex-Vegan (1.638 Years): Veganism Is Just Shit

Ex-Vegan (5 Years): Veganism Contributed to My Miscarriage

Ex-Vegan (6+ Months): I Went Vegan to Fix My Health But Realized That Animal Foods are Key

Ex-Vegan (1.5 Years): The Food Came Out Exactly the Same Way It Went in

Ex-Vegan (3 Days): How I Almost Fell Into the Trap of Veganism

Ex-Vegan (6 Months): Extreme Hyperactivity & Lethargy. - That's What Plants Did to Me

Ex-Vegan (5 Years): New Age Ideology Ruined My Health

Ex-Vegan Couple (5 Years): Experienced Declining Mental & Physical Health + Accelerated Aging

Ex-Vegan (6+ Years): I Did Everything Right, Yet Became Chronically Fatigued & Tired

Ex-Vegan (2+ Years): Ten Years Starvation - How Not to Help Animals

Ex-Vegan (2+ Years): 22 Years of Meat Deprivation Led to Severe Mental & Physical Damage

Ex-Vegan (5 Months): Vegetarian Turned Vegan: Biggest Mistake

Ex-Vegan (1 Year): Fruit Destroyed My Teeth, Libido, Gains, Self Confidence

Ex-Vegan (9 Months): A Strongman's Story

Ex-Vegan (7+ Years): Veganism Killed My Sexuality & Caused Asthma, Rheumatoid Arthritis

Ex-Vegan (11 Years): Please, Don't Force Your Children to Go Vegan

Ex-Vegan (1 year): Veganism Ruins the Potential of Men

Ex-Vegan (6 Months): My Autism Got Worse Because of Veganism

Ex-Vegan (3 Years): The More I Ate, The More Weight I Lost

Ex-Vegan (2 Years): The Bloating Made It Impossible to Stick to Veganism

Ex-Vegan (1.5 Years): I Feared for My Life Daily

Ex-Vegan (2 Years): Vegans Have No Empathy for Humans

Ex-Vegan (1 Year): If You're Farting All the Time, Something Is Up

Ex-Vegan (6 Years): Don't Let the Veganazis Get to You

Ex-Vegan (2.5 Years): Fuck Veganism

Ex-Vegan (3 Years): Cracked Teeth & Receding Gums, That's What I Got Out of Veganism

Ex-Vegan (9 Years): I Went Vegan for My Health and Ended Up The Sickest I've Ever Been

Ex-Vegan (5 Years): I Had 17 Cavities & Called My Parents Serial Killers

Ex-Vegan (5 Years): The Craziest Fruitarian Story Ever

Ex-Vegan (4+ Years): Icelandic Girl Realizes the Importance of Where She's From

Ex-Vegan (4 Years): I Did a 100% Scientifically Proven Vegan Diet and It Still Failed

Ex-Vegan (9 Months): I Wanted to Heal My Eczema but Veganism Made It Way Worse

Ex-Vegan (1 Year): This New Age Cult Is Deceiving, Watch Out

Ex-Vegan (1 Year): Animals Are Food, Not Friends

Ex-Vegan (3 Years): I Thought That My Life Was Over

Ex-Vegan (3 Years): My Low Moods Tipped Me Over the Edge

Ex-Vegan (2 Years): Veganism Is a Trap | Countless Health Problems

Ex-Vegan (2 Years): Carbs Made Me Emotionally Unstable and Unable to Think Straight

Ex Vegan (4 Years) Regrets Raising Her Children Vegan | Tooth Decay & Digestive Issues

Ex-Vegan (2+ Years): Veganism Destroyed My Mental Health | Anxiety & Depression

Ex-Vegan (2 Years): 17 Year Old: Veganism Messed Up My Body & Made Me Gain Weight

Ex-Vegan (5.5 Years): I Was Pale, Weak & Depressed | Veganism Is Inhuman

Ex-Vegan (6 Months): I Chose Health Over the Animals

Ex-Vegan (15 Years): Veganism Almost Killed Me & My Family

Ex-Vegan (3 Years): Veganism Made Me Grumpy & Depressed

Ex-Vegan (4 Years): Nutritionist Realizes That She's Starving

Ex-Vegan (1+ Years): Veganism & Weed - A Lethal Combination

Ex-Vegan (1.5 Years):´I Veganized in 1982 and I Still Did Not Recover

Ex-Vegan (4 Years): From Healthy Athlete to Lifeless Couch Potato

Ex-Vegan (7 Years): Veganism: Love for Animals But Not for Self

Ex-Vegan (8 Years): Veganism Is a Teeth Rotting, Muscle Atrophying, Degenerating, Fart Fest

Ex-Vegan (1.5 Years): Veganism Destroyed My Pancreas & Fueled My Eating Disorder

Ex-Vegan (6 Years): I Couldn't Continue Living My Life | Suicidal Tendencies

Ex-Vegan (6 Months): This Unhealthy Religion Destroyed My Relationship

Ex-Vegan (4 Years): I Did Veganism "Right"

Ex-Vegan (3 Months): My 3 Year Road to Veganism Made Me Suicidal

Ex-Vegan (4+ Months): I Became Violently Ill Within Months

Ex-Vegan (3.5 Years): From Athlete to Cripple

Ex Vegan (6+ Months): Vegans Attack Me For Finally Being Healthy

Ex-Vegan (1+ Years): Veganism Ruined My Health for Life

Ex-Vegan (3 Years): Extreme Weight Gain, Acne, Digestive Issues, Depression

Ex-Vegan (6+ Months): Fruitarianism Is Voluntary Suicide

Ex-Vegan (2.5 Years): Éat Your Plants And Leave My Meat Alone - Neccesity & Self-Awarenessa

Ex-Vegan (4 Years): How Veganism Shortened My Lifespan

Ex-Vegan (3 Years): I Was so Bloated & Tired That I Didn't Want to Eat Plants Anymore

Ex-Vegan (3 Years): Trapped In The Hell-th Matrix

Ex-Vegan (15 Years): Veganism Is Not Sustainable - It's a Cleanse, Not Nourishing

Ex-Vegan (2 Years): This Eating Disorder Fueled My Mental Problems, Caused Me Pain & Weight Gain

Ex-Vegan (2 years): Insane Gut Issues and Brain Fog

Ex-Vegan (5+ Years): Veganism Is a Cover-Up for Eating Disorders

Ex-Vegan (3 Years): Vegan Ethics Pressured Me Into Neglecting My Health

Ex-Vegan (4+ Months): Type 1 Diabetic Ruins His Health With Veganism

Ex-Vegan (20+ Years): WARNING, I Tried Every Vegan Diet

Ex-Vegan (1 Year ): Fruitarianism Is Good For 2 Things - Cleansing and Dying

Ex-Vegan (6+ Months): This Cult Wrecked My Body Quickly

Ex-Vegan (5 Years): Brainwashed Vegans: Confirming What You Believe Is Not Research

Ex-Vegan (2 Years): Veganism Nearly Made Me Go Nuts

Ex-Vegan (2.5 Years): Nutrient Deficiencies Ruined My Teenage Years

Ex-Vegan (1 Year): Veganism = Voluntary Starvation

Ex-Vegan (1 Year): I Was Already Used to Starving so Veganism Fit Right in

Ex-Vegan (4 Years): How Veganism Made Me Hate Humans

Ex-Vegan (1.5 Years): Veganism Is Not About Health | Digestive & Mental Issues

Ex-Vegan (3 Years): I Was Misinformed. Terrible Itching & Bad Digestion

Ex-Vegan (5+ Years): Apologizes for Encouraging Others to Try Harmful Dietary Restriction

Ex-Vegan (6 Years): This Religion Brainwashed Me Into Believing in Good & Bad

Ex-Vegan (1 Year): Health Issues Cured After Returning to Meat

Ex-Vegan (2 Years): Fibre and Starch Ruined My Gut. Horrible IBS and Autoimmune Issues

Ex-Vegan (12+ Years): Veganism Is Starvation - Fruitarianism Is Suicide

Ex-Vegan (7 Years): I Gave My All to Veganism and It Ruined My Health and Life

Ex-Vegan (6 Years): Veganism Was the Worst Mistake of My Life | Diabetes, Autism, Hair Loss

Ex-Vegan (3 Years): Cures Multiple Sclerosis With Raw Meat - FullyRawKristina Almost Killed Me

Ex-Vegan (3 Years): How Veganism Destroyed My Health

Russia - Ukraine War Truth

Where are the Anti-Jew Protests for Women's Rights?

Berlin Subscriber Meetup - June 21st, 2020